UNIVERSAL top load case packer for difficult-to-handle products

Thursday 21 June 2007

The Goodman 'UNIVERSAL ' packer is renowned for its simplicity of engineering and operation, quick format changes, versatility of product handling and case stacking configurations, high output and an extremely compact footprint.

The heart of the UNIVERSAL packer is a fully programmable multi-axis, gantry style pick and place robot that can pick most flexible or rigid products and place them in any configuration in the case, tray, crate or other shipping container, at speeds up to and ver 200 products per minute.

Typical products that can be handled include:
  • Bagged products (vegetables, powders, cereals, meats, granular etc.)
  • VFFS pouch and sachet products (both dry and liquid)
  • Stand-up pouch (pet food, dry fruits, cheese, rice, medical etc)
  • Thermoformed packs (meats, home meal replacements, cereal bowls, medical etc)
  • Tubs (baby wipes, desserts, sauces, beef, poultry)
  • Cartons/trays (snacks, biscuits, candy bars, pastries, medicinal etc.)
  • Bottles/jars (condiments, sauces, pickles etc.)
  • Wrapped packages (popcorn, pastries, ice cream & energy bars, wafers, soaps etc)

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