Unique Triple Chemical Satellite Station for dosing cleaning solutions

Monday 7 May 2007

On April 15 Lagafors launched its innovative satellite station VMS-T, the only satellite in the industry which can handle up to three different chemical solutions from a central dosing unit, at the same time.

The variable media satellite station VMS-T is a hygienically designed satellite station made in stainless steel for water rinse, foam application and disinfection. Developed mainly to satisfy the needs of the meat industry, the great advantage with the VMS-T is that it is a all-in-one unit, which gives the possibility of using up to three different chemical solutions at the same time. E.g. the satellite station manages contemporaneously both alkaline chemicals and acid chemicals in parallel outlets without having to clean the unit when changing from one kind of solution to the other. This option represents a truly revolutionary feature both from a commodity and an operator safety point of view.

The VMS-T is user-friendly, easy to maintain and to clean both externally and internally thanks to the open underside.

The VMS-T Lagafors Variable Media Satellite, VMS, is to be connected to the Lagafors VPP, MWP or LWP pump series for pressurized water and the Lagafors VCC for dosing of chemicals. It offers all the advantages of a central cleaning system and is easy to operate with an integrated colour coding for ball valves and nozzles. All media settings are fixed so no operator adjustments are needed.

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