UK introduces voluntary COOL code for pork

Wednesday 24 February 2010

A new country of origin labelling (COOL) code of practice for pork introduced in the UK yesterday will benefit meat processors, producers and consumers, said one industry body.

The voluntary code aims to give clear information about country of origin on packs of pork, bacon and ham. It was drawn up by the Pig Meat Supply Chain Task Force - a group representing processors, pig producers, retailers and the food service sector.

The code will be used to guarantee that the country of origin of the pork used in processed products will be clearly displayed on the pack. Under the guidelines, terms such as ‘Produced in the UK’ will be viewed as ambiguous if the meat’s origin is not clearly explained. Companies adhering to the new code have committed to providing clear information such as ‘Produced in the UK using pork from country X,’ said the UK Government.

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