Tray washing and handling system on a grand scale

Friday 30 March 2007

UK: At the end of 2005 a complex brüel tray washing and handling system on a grand scale was commissioned at Christian Salvesen’s new RSU in Peterborough which Salvesen operate on behalf of the UK’s leading retailer Tesco.

Complexity refers to the demanding performance specification for the system in terms of utilisation and maintainability. The system is required to operate for 20 hours a day, seven days a week all the year round and handle the full range of Paxton Maxinest trays both full and half size, i.e. in total 13 different tray types. Grand scale refers to the overall length of each of the two twin lane washers which are 32 metres long, excluding in-feed and out-feed conveyors, and the overall capacity of 9,600 trays and 120 pallets/hour.

The plant is situated in purpose built facilities that contain the tray washing plant with fully automated bale arm opening, tray stacking, palletizing and strapping equipment. Each of the two twin lane tunnel washers is equipped with pre-rinse, dissolve/wash, high pressure label removal, heated afterrinse sections and includes rotating screw filters installed on each of the four wash tanks together with a turbomatic drying system comprising 20 blowers/air knife units.

The in-feed of trays to the system is done manually on 8 loading lanes which merge into 4 wash lanes. The out-feed on each of the 4 lanes incorporates a bale arm opener, tray stacker and palletising/strapping unit. The bale arm openers and stackers are capable of handling 3 full size or 6 half size trays at a time.

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