The New Rollsleeve Labeler: All the Advantages of Sleeving and Roll-fed Technologies in one Machine

Tuesday 25 May 2010

High-shrinkage full-body labels mean thinner materials, lighter and more attractive packaging and savings in costs.

According to figures announced at the international sleeve label Conference in 2008, the market for heat shrink labels is growing fast. The trend is seen globally but is particularly strong in rapidly industrializing countries.
There are several obvious reasons for the success of high-shrinkage, full-body sleeve labels.

The Sidel Rollsleeve labeler combines proven roll-fed technology with an innovative sleeving process for high-speed applications. This brings a self-evident competitive advantage.

in short, savings on labeling costs with the Rollsleeve are due to the following factors:
  • Thinner labels can be used (with benefits for the environment)
  • The tube is created directly in the machine
  • The initial film (MdO) costs less.
In addition to the competitive advantage of lower label costs, the new Rollsleeve has several other strengths, which include:
  • high performances:
    • top labeling quality even at very high speeds (up to 55,000 bph)
    • the speed of labeling does not depend on the height of the bottle (the label sleeve is not inserted from above as in traditional technology)
  • Flexibility:
    • any kind of label material can be used
    • the same machine can apply sleeve labels and roll-fed labels (with hot glue)
  • sustainability:
    • very thin materials can be employed; only heat is used to seam labels without solvents or chemical agents

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