The Krones Variotherm cuts bottle washer heating costs

Tuesday 20 February 2007

Availability, resistance to malfunctions and high efficiency are vital considerations for bottle washers. Since bottle washers rank among the most cost-intensive pieces of equipment in a line, Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, has developed a new plate heat exchanger system called Variotherm, designed to reduce the heating costs involved.

Significantly improved heat transfer
The plate heat exchangers used excel in terms of a heat transfer value up to five times better than the countercurrent heat exchangers customarily employed.

Fuel costs cut by 5 – 30%
Besides its superlative heating performance, this system possesses another thermodynamic advantage: the design concept precludes any re-evaporation. This means that the entire evaporation enthalpy present is available to the system. But the water heat contained in the condensate is utilised almost 100 per cent. This state is referred to as “supercooled” condensate. This highly efficient use of the thermal energy fed in will save the client concerned about 5 – 30% a year in fuel costs.

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