TexDesign™ system from Cargill reduces fat content by up to 50 per cent

Monday 30 July 2007

A new one-to-one bakery fat replacement system developed by Cargill’s texturizing solutions business reduces the fat content of a range of baked goods by 10 to 50 per cent (patent application pending).

Many popular bakery products such as cakes, luxury breads and biscuits are traditionally high in fat. In response to today’s trend towards healthier eating and fat reduction, manufacturers are currently seeking ways to reduce the fat content of baked goods without compromising texture, taste or existing production processes.

Cargill is now launching TexDesign™, a unique solution to reduce fat contents for the commercial bakers, in Europe. TexDesign™ is a carbohydrate-based fat replacement system that achieves the full functional and sensory characteristics of traditionally baked goods, whilst significantly reducing their fat content.

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