Tetra Pak launches Tetra Tebel OST 6 for the cheese production market

Monday 22 October 2007

Tetra Pak announces the launch of the Tetra Tebel OST 6 for cheese production. The curd-making vat will provide cheese makers with access to more efficient process control, higher yields low maintenance and superior reliability.

Designed to meet market demands for more efficient production and overall equipment effectiveness, the OST 6 features a new ‘dimpled’ heating jacket for optimal heat transfer, proven reliable components from the Tetra Pak Tebel Construction Library and an intuitive, operator friendly Tetra Tebel OST control panel, featuring new software and an improved user interface.

The Tetra Tebel OST 6 is a horizontal tank for producing curd for most cheese types. It has all required functions for a controlled and predictable process, including cutting, blending, whey discharge, water addition, indirect heating and cooling, emptying and CIP (Cleaning in Place).

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