Tetra Pak launches single-line filling machine for chilled gable top market

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Tetra Pak introduced the Tetra Rex TR/27 XH Extended Hygiene single-line filling machine, for chilled products in gable top packages. Complementing the double-line TR/28, which was earlier released to market, the new product creates a single platform that offers 90% commonality between parts.

The new Tetra Rex TR/27 XH filling machine from Tetra Pak offers the highest standard of hygiene currently available in its class. It employs the very latest technology to achieve built-in reliability and to help chilled producers raise productivity.

The Tetra Rex TR/27 XH is a mid capacity filling machine, designed primarily for filling chilled products such as value white milk into gable top cartons. It produces up to 7,000 Base (70mm x 70mm cross-section) packages per hour (pph), for a wide variety of products, with volumes ranging from 237ml to 1136ml. The machine is also available with an optional ultrasonic cap applicator.

Built with best-in-class levels of hygiene, the TR/27XH enables beverage and dairy producers to maintain the product’s original quality throughout the entire required shelf life.

In practice, this means consumers can fully enjoy the natural goodness, nutritional value and freshness of the product, while producers benefit from an optimised sales window and fewer returns from the distribution channel.

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