Tetra Centri AirTight Eco New generation energy saving separators

Monday 16 August 2010

Sound innovations inside our new Tetra Centri AirTight Eco separator take sound performance to a new level. The world’s most efficient separator drive, our new gearless direct eDrive, doubles the length of your intervals between major services. And the groundbreaking new eMotion system reduces the energy consumption of your overall separation system by up to 35%.

Benefit from the proven AirTight design advantages of excellent product quality, superior separation efficiency, and unmatched production flexibility. And boost your operational efficiency, save on costs, and reduce your environmental impact even further with the Tetra Centri AirTight Eco. That’s a sound investment.

Tetra Centri AirTight Eco applications:
  • Hot milk separation
  • Cold milk separation
  • Clarification
  • Whey separation
  • Spore removals

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