Styron introduces a cost-efficient transparent high impact Polystyrene grade for Food packaging converters

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Styron announced today the commercial availability of its transparent grade for food packaging converters in Europe. STYRON™ C-TECH Polystyrene is the new transparent High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), an extension of the well-known STYRON A-TECH™ family of polystyrene products.

Cost-efficiency as part of the STYRON A-TECH™ family

Styron expands its multigenerational STYRON A-TECH™ family with a transparent solution for rigid food packaging applications. With the arrival of STYRON C-TECH Polystyrene, Styron now offers converters an enabling product which allows transparent formulations to be blended at significant cost advantages when compared to traditional blends. This new resin builds on the well known performance of the STYRON A-TECH™ family, a brand known for its unprecedented physical and mechanical properties such as good toughness, high stiffness and high melt flow rate. Its attributes enable increased cost efficiency by delivering transparency at low formulation costs, lower extrusion temperatures and better processability. Converters can now combine these unique properties with high transparency and high gloss.

Designed for transparent rigid packaging applications

STYRON™ C-TECH Polystyrene can be used in all types of rigid food packaging applications with great aesthetics and excellent organoleptics against traditional transparent blends. In particular STYRON C-TECH Polystyrene has also been successfully introduced into the bakery and delicatessen market through BOPS (bi-oriented polystyrene) sheet extrusion, where its excellent processability and its high gloss together with its exceptionally low odor and taste levels improve on traditional transparent resin blends.

"Our customers regularly call on us to help develop their future products. We have commercial and technical experts that are fully dedicated to packaging, being entirely focused on developing innovative products that help our customers meet their goals. STYRON C-TECH Polystyrene is just one example of that commitment," explains John Case, global market manager for Packaging. “STYRON C-TECH Polystyrene is a response to the growing consumer demand to preview their purchase on the shelf, whilst offering our converters the same unique properties and benefits of the STYRON A-TECH™ family. STYRON C-TECH Polystyrene enables converters to adapt to market changes with a product that meets the brand owners’ expectations while offering the ability to lower costs to stay competitive in the marketplace.”

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