Smartcap winner Dutch Design for All 2006

Monday 30 October 2006

Plato product consultants initiated the development for a user friendly metal closure for preserves existing of two parts, a plate and a ring. For years on the opening of glass jars is one of the greatest annoyances of the consumer. De cap exist of two parts: a flat disc with compound which seals the jar and over the disc a ring with indents on the side. The indents have a double function; fixation of the disc and helping to break the vacuum. One of the indents is situated slightly higher than the other indents. Upon turning the lid the higher indent lifts the disc slightly and breaks the vacuum with a minimum of required force.

Plato product consultants contacted Corus Packaging Plus for further development and prototyping. Tests proved out that the opening force of the cap is about 50% of the conventional caps. Expected is that about 95% of the population will be able to open the jars without help or tools.

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