Simplified EU legislation allowing free packaging sizes

Tuesday 22 May 2007

Pre-packed goods

The Council of Member States came to a political agreement to simplify EU legislation on pre-packed goods, allowing free packaging sizes for all products, except wines and spirits. This means the replacement of 27 different national rules and two EU directives on nominal quantities by one single EU directive. It also reflects jurisprudence by the European Court of Justice, which has gradually led to liberalisaton of pack sizes.

The proposal abolishes provisions dating from the seventies fixing nominal quantities in which products can be sold. It also simplifies regulation on nominal quantities by merging two directives and by combining regulation on metrological control of pre-packed products, currently dealt with under two directives, in one single act. Consequently, it repeals directives 75/106 and 80/232 and extends the scope of directive 76/211.

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