Servo-driven Form Fill Sealer improves speed and reduces contamination risk

Wednesday 25 April 2007

Ossid, a division of Pro Mach, has developed the 8000MH Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) machine for a wide range of meat, fish and poultry packaging applications, including flexible, foil-foil, semi-rigid, rigid, ambient, vacuum, modified atmosphere and re-closable. Employing the efficiencies of servo motion, Ossid uses three servo motors to activate both the forming and sealing presses, as well as to control the motion of the web feed conveying systems. The use of this technology significantly reduces the consumption of compressed air, vastly reduces potential air contaminants, and allows for higher and more efficient cycle speed.

"The 8000MH's modular design provides customers with the flexibility they require in their operations," said Fran Ventura, Ossid's vice president of sales for the MH product line. "With a production rate of more than 30 cycles per minute and compelling savings in utility costs, the 8000MH is one of the industry's most efficient HFFS machine."

The Ossid 8000MH's stainless steel construction makes it easy to maintain and ideal for use in harsh environments. Unique and patented features on the 8000MH is testimony to the over 50 years of packaging application experience.

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