Sanitary pH sensor for food and pharmaceutical applications

Monday 3 December 2007

A new sanitary pH sensor designed to minimise contamination in applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries has been introduced by Yokogawa Europe.

The new pH3A sensor has been developed by Pfaudler - a world leader in the technology of corrosion-resistant materials – in conjunction with Yokogawa and combines Pfaudler’s unique enamelling technology with Yokogawa’s extensive knowledge of pH measurement and electronics.

The new unbreakable sanitary pH3A sensor is designed for use in industries, of which food and pharmaceuticals are the most important, where conventional pH sensors cannot be used because of the risk of product contamination from broken glass.

The pH3A sanitary sensor combines the robustness of steel with the chemical resistance of Pfaudler PharmaGlass (PPG) coated enamel, which has been specifically developed to address the challenge of increasing the surface smoothness. By eliminating product build-up and reducing the need for cleaning, Pfaudler PharmaGlass minimises downtime and increases system productivity.

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