Rusia: fastest growing market for Food

Monday 26 February 2007

The food market in Russia grew in 2006 three times as fast as in the world on the average, according to global market research by ACNielsen. The Russian food industry is expected to add 8 percent each year, which will attract more foreign producers to the country, experts say. In money terms, the food market added 4 percent worldwide and 3 percent in Europe from July 2005 to July 2006. The indicator in Russia is three times as high – 11 percent.
Following the global trend, yoghurt products and juices were among leaders of the growth in Russia, 18 percent up in 2006. But it was ready-made food that became the biggest gainer in Russia – a 41 percent rise. The segment of fizzy drinks went up 18 percent in Russia, and only 6 percent in the world.

Rusland: snelste groeimarkt voor voeding

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