RollerForks®: The new revolution for palletless transport

Monday 7 May 2007

MSE knows the use of pallets for the storage of goods is unavoidable in a company. But what if you want to save time and space by sending your goods to the customer without using pallets? MSE introduces the RollerForks® which can be used for palletless handling. RollerForks® are in fact ‘standard’ lift truck forks with two layers of rollers. When the under most row of rollers touches the floor, it causes the uppermost rollers to rotate in the opposite direction whereby the forks slide under the slipsheet without disturbing the products. When the forks are lifted up, the rollers ‘fall’ downwards and place the products securely on the upper side of the forks, enabling the products to be unloaded in the opposite loading order. The RollerForks® have unique characterisations with regard tot the familiar push-pull system.

These characterisations are:
• No hydraulics needed on the RollerForks® or lift truck.
• The actual weight of the RollerForks® is almost the same as standard lift truck forks.
• The driver’s visibility is not obstructed.
• No extra heavy capacity lift truck is needed.
• The lift truck can also be used to perform standard lift truck tasks.
• Products can easily be placed on a pallet.
• The loading and unloading time is faster than that of, for example, a push-pull system.
• Investment costs are much lower.

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