RFID not on but in packaging

Monday 22 October 2007

Domino ISG offers an innovative technology that eliminates the need for a paper label by incorporating the RFID inlay within the packaging medium.

HIDE-Pack(TM) is a sustainable approach to RFID-enabled packaging. It consists in embedding an RFID inlay within the structure of a package, so that the inlay is not visible from the outside or inside of  the package. Effectively, the RFID inlay becomes an integral part  of the packaging medium.

Because the embedding process takes place on the packaging-making line, HIDE-Pack results in:
  • Inlays embedded within the joint of a corrugated case can be encoded, locked and read successfully and reliably over a wide range of line speeds.
  • HIDE-compliant packaging media are sustainable in that they contain less fibre and are 100% re-pulpable and recyclable.
  • For packaging used in the cold chain, HIDE-Pack works particularly well with no loss of RFID read rates.

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