Renewable energy from acid whey waste stream from Cheese production

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Ecovation, a developer of value-driven green energy systems incorporating anaerobic digestion technology, today announced that it has broken ground on a renewable energy generation system at the Fairview Swiss Cheese facility in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Once completed, the facility will produce 28 million cubic feet of biogas annually which will be used to offset fuel oil and electricity used in cheese production.

The system will treat acid whey from John Koller and Son, Inc.’s Fairview Swiss Cheese plant, along with additional high-strength material trucked in from local sources, using Ecovation’s Mobilized Film Technology (MFT). The waste stream will be treated in an anaerobic reactor to create biogas. The gas will then be piped into a boiler to produce steam and electricity needed for cheese production. Effluent from the anaerobic digester will flow to an existing aerobic system for final polishing and discharge.

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