Predis™ innovative dry decontamination of preforms

Wednesday 25 July 2007

With Predis™, Sidel is innovating to guarantee total food safety to your refrigerated products within the sell-by date. A groundbreaking method of dry decontamination has proven economical and extremely safe for the environment.

To ensure the quality of sensitive products distributed in refrigeration while guaranteeing or even extending shelf lives filled in plastic bottles produced from preforms, Sidel answers with an economic, simple, high-performance solution: the Predis™ system, which contributes particularly to environmental protection.

An innovative concept
Predis™ is an innovative dry decontamination of preforms with 3-log* reduction using hydrogen peroxide vapor, protected by numerous patents. This simple, economical and environmentally sound concept was developed on the Sidel Combi, an integrated blowing, filling, capping machine with many benefits.
Applicable for all types of preforms used in blowing with bi-orientation (PET, PP, PLA applications), Predis™ is currently available on a wide range of machines with output rates from 10,000 to 36,000 bottles/hour.
Predis™ can be used for all sensitive products including refrigerated products, pasteurized and microfiltered milk, liquid dairy products and fruit juices.

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