Precise, efficient labeling at high speed

Monday 7 May 2007

Sidel’s new Rollquattro Evolution labeler offers 30 percent faster changeover times and 20 percent more accuracy at high speeds. It features a fully redesigned linear labeling station not found elsewhere on the market.

Alfa™ Rollquattro roll-fed labelers apply wrap-around labels in paper or plastic at high speeds (up to 72,000 containers/hour) onto glass, plastic or metal containers. The Rollquattro Evolution guarantees superior quality labeling while helping to lower production costs, which reduces overall bottle costs.

Label application 20 percent more accurate
Sidel’s Rollquattro Evolution is able to guarantee high-quality labeling at high speed even for hard to apply labels. Two innovations on the labeling station make label application extremely accurate.
A unique drum shape – oval instead of round - makes label placement 20 percent more accurate for better label registration and greater shelf appeal, without the need for an additional wipe down system found on other machines.
The risk of inaccurate label cutting is reduced due to a single rotary cutting blade, which requires fewer adjustments during label changeovers versus other systems with two blades.

Production cost reduction
The Rollquattro Evolution reduces changeover and maintenance time by 30 percent thanks to its linear labeling station composed of separate modules. This makes it far easier to use compared to traditional roll-fed labelers with their triangular labeling stations. The ergonomically designed station enables the operator to control the entire labeling process and to easily access machine modules during format changeovers and maintenance operations.
The glue feeding system is also easier to use, faster and safer as the tank is located underneath the labeling machine table. The outside of the glue applicator cylinder has a raised diamond-shape design that results in 15 percent total annual savings on glue consumption.

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