Plasticum marketed a new oval valve closure: MD Oval snap-on

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Plasticum’s contemporary valve closure range has been extended with a large oval version. This snap-on dispensing closure – fitted with the patented MaxiDose (MD) technology – is an accurate, mess-free dispenser for Food and Personal Care applications. The first customers already adopted this standard closure for top-down bottles.

Following the request of a leading customer Plasticum developed a large, oval valve closure for an easy and clean dispensing of body lotion. Thanks to the MaxiDose technology, the self closing silicon valve is completely leak proof and guarantees a good flow control. The nicely shaped matt closure complements the soft lines of the top-down bottle and gives an aesthetically pleasing result.

The standard MaxiDose Oval snap-on 28 is not only convenient for Personal Care applications; it is also perfectly suitable for the dispensing of sauces, honey, marmalades and all kinds of other Food applications. The valve closure ensures an easy dispensing of the quantity that the consumer actually wants. It offers an excellent solution for all your dispensing requirements.

The ergonomically shaped opening device guarantees a handy usage. The lid can be locked in an open position. The flat top surface allows top-down use and storage, even with the lid open. The closure has a snap-on neck geometry, suitable for diameters of 28 mm. It has a matt surface finish and can be produced in any desired colour. Like all other Plasticum valve closures, it is light-weighted and very cost effective.

Plasticum incorporated the patented MaxiDose technology in many of its standard closures. The standard range now includes a 40 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm, 55 mm and two oval versions. Many European manufacturers already added value by using Plasticum’s valve solution.

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