Optical technology could end 'out of spec' beer losses

Thursday 2 September 2010

Factors such as faster filling speed and reduction of beer waste have accelerated the take up over the past 18 months of optical technology for oxygen measurement by leading breweries in the US and Europe over the well established amperometric systems, reports supplier Mettler Toledo.

In the third part of’s special edition on beverage processing, we look at how the global supplier’s combination of Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) and optical technology – the InPro 6970i/M400 system - is helping beer producers lower production costs.

Bruno Aondio, head of international sales at the global process analytics company, told this publication that its optical system now accounts for 50 per cent of sales in terms of Mettler’s range of oxygen analytics instrumentation for brewing as it minimises beer losses in the filling process.

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