New Volscan Profiler proves that size matters

Monday 16 August 2010

Stable Micro Systems has launched an updated version of its Volscan Profiler to allow bread manufacturers to quantify accurately the volume of bread and baked products.

As a follow on from the successful launch of the original Volscan Profiler in 2007, a new scaled down model is now also available, which rapidly and repeatedly defines dimension-related parameters in smaller items such as muffins and croissants. This data allows them to control and monitor breadmaking conditions and manufacturing operations.

The new, smaller Volscan Profiler offers a wealth of additional software features, requires less work space and is flexible enough to handle not only small baked goods, but also larger loaves with maximum dimensions of 300mm length and 190mm diameter.

The non-contact measurement offered by the Volscan Profiler offers considerable advantages over contact and displacement techniques, which purely measure volume. It provides a rapid, 3-dimensional digitisation, which can be customised according to desired parameters and calculations. The product is mounted at each end or located by a universal mounting device, tailored to the specific product. Manufacturers can then enter their specific parameters for each batch, including sample ID name, date, flour weight, bread type and batch code. The product is then automatically weighed and an eye-safe laser device scans vertically to measure its contours at selectable intervals, while the product rotates. Each interval consists of 400 data points, providing an extremely detailed and accurate profile. Once the scan is complete, data regarding bread volume, length, maximum width and height, height of the maximum width and width of the maximum height can all be retrieved. These figures automatically calculate the product’s “specific volume”.

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