New techniques could make cod processing faster

Monday 2 August 2010

Testing of a new bleeding method in combination with superchilling has shown very promising results for pre-rigor filleted farmed cod.

“In this test we have looked at the possibility of immediate gutting and filleting of unbled fish, followed by rinsing of the fillet. The aim is to considerably shorten the processing time for cod without being left with more blood in the fillet. We have also investigated what effect superchilling had on quality,” explains Bjørn Tore Rotabakk, a researcher at Nofima Mat.

Superchilling and new bleeding method provides new opportunities

“Reducing the processing time brings many advantages. Because the whole process can be performed in one place, you save both time and energy, and there is less transporting. This gives both environmental and financial savings,” says Hogne Bleie, Director of Biology and Biosafety at Atlantic Cod Farms AS.

At present, farmed cod that is intended for the EU market is often processed in Denmark, France or Poland. However there are no punitive duties on processed white fish in the EU and with the new method processing can be performed near the fish farms - at slaughterhouses in Norway.

“Filleting directly after death and the use of superchilling remove the need for repacking in other places, which means a great deal of packaging material can also be saved,” says Bleie.

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