New OPP wrap for figurines claimed to ensure EU compliance

Thursday 12 August 2010

A new thin polypropylene film layer that coats retro gravure inks can provide a barrier coating between the printed material and confectionery products, said its developer, the Slovakian packaging firm Moneta.

The packaging firm claims that the packaging style of some chocolate products such as aluminium foil wrapped figurines is not compliant with European Commission regulation (EC1935/2004) as the products’ printed or overprint varnished surfaces can come into direct contact with the food product’s surface.

Peter Lopatnik, marketing director at Moneta, told this publication that the firm’s R&D team, recognising an industry need, set about developing a technology that would allows the firm to reverse print on a 3 micron or 2.7 gr/m2 OPP film using an eight colour roto gravure machine to seal in the inks and then ink side laminate a 7 micron aluminium foil.

“As a result of our new material, even if the figurine wrapping still has a part of the printed side touching the chocolate product it will now adhere to all EU regulations,” he said.

All of the products manufactured by the company are CEE certified in terms of approval for direct contact with the food, said the marketing director.

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