New Modular Automatic Liquid Filling System

Saturday 1 October 2005

Oden fully automatic Servo/Fill� Modular Liquid Filling System allows packagers to use the integrated fillers to suit their packaging needs; each head is a bench top filler that can be operated independently. The newly designed configuration facilitates moving one or more benchtop fillers to a separate filling location leaving the remaining heads to be operated in fully automatic mode. With the ability to move the independent benchtops at will, packagers have the flexibility to use these fillers to their best advantage, getting products out fast as the need arises. The Servo/Fill Modular Liquid Filling System is designated as an Oden FLEX TIME FILLER�, a system specifically designed to help packagers outpace demands, making rapid order fulfillment a reality. Other critical system benefits include low cost, fast filling and superior accuracy, and quick clean-up and changeover. Oden fully automatic Servo/Fill Modular Liquid Filling Systems fill free flowing to viscous products at volumes from 1/3 ounce to 5 gallons, and can accommodate up to 4 heads,. Equipped with unique patented CleanGearŪ sanitary stainless steel gear pumps, Servo/Fills are easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to change over. Oden designed and patented 316L stainless steel positive shut-off nozzles provide clean, no-drip product cut-off. Industry applications include: personal care, general industrial, household products, chemical processing, food processing, pharmaceutical, biomedical and petroleum.