New heat process improves flaxseed safety

Thursday 3 June 2010

Significantly improved food safety, without compromising product quality, nutritional value or shelf-life, are the benefits claimed for a new proprietary heat treatment process developed by Glanbia Nutritionals specifically for use on its flaxseed range.

The company’s business development manager – flax, Marilyn Stieve told that the new treatment MicroSure Plus reduces the total plate count substantially more than any other heat treatment currently available.

“The MicroSure Plus process achieves the lowest possible level of aerobic plate counts in Glanbia Nutritionals’ flaxseed range.”

The intense heat treatment is said to reduce the microload to fewer than 10,000 colony forming units (CFU). That compares with microloads of 100,000 CFU delivered by other treatments and 10m CFU in products taken directly from the field.

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