New ExCharge® filter hoses specially developed by Bühler for use in the milling industry

Tuesday 25 September 2007

The filter hose with the green seam
The new ExCharge® filter hoses which were specially developed by Bühler for MVRS and MVRT filters for use in the milling industry have been available to our customers for just a few days.
These filter hoses are made out of a unique filter material which is manufactured exclusively for Bühler. Recognisable from its green seam, it sets new standards in product filtration.

Parameters have been changed to improve the collection level while at the same allowing greater air permeability. By lowering the differential pressure and purge-air requirement, these changes achieve energy savings while simultaneously prolonging service life.
Due to the new PP/PE fibre composition and MPS microfibre design, these filter hoses are less susceptible to moisture either contained in products or from the air. In addition, the pulse of purge air now achieves an improved level of dedusting.

The new filter material also provides other benefits.
The new filter hose is not only an efficient product but also a development which meets the highest product and production safety requirements.
The polyester fibres are safe for foodstuffs and are FDA approved.

Potential equalisation throughout the entire filter hose has been established at a test centre recognised by European law (ATEX conformity).
When earthed, the ExCharge® version of this filter meets the requirements for electrostatic discharge capacity.
We can point to this quality for risk assessment purposes for appliances which are subject to Directive 94/9EG (“ATEX Directive”).
At a time when ever higher demands are made on product and production safety, Bühler offers you another top-quality product in this filter hose.

Get to know and appreciate this exclusively manufactured filter hose.

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