New Biomax® Strong Polymer Additives Improve PLA Performance

Monday 4 June 2007

The latest development in the Biomax® family of products is Biomax® Strong, an additive that helps toughen polymers made from agriculturally derived polylactic acid (PLA). Because it is renewably resourced, PLA has strong appeal in food packaging and selected industrial applications; adding Biomax® Strong increases the value and potential uses of PLA.

By enhancing the impact strength, flexibility and viscosity of PLA, Biomax® Strong improves PLA performance - particularly in rigid applications such as cast sheets for thermoforming and injection molding. When used at recommended levels (between 1% to 5% by weight), Biomax® Strong delivers improved toughness with minimal impact on desired PLA transparency.

Food and Non-Food Applications
DuPont™ Biomax® Strong polymer additive is available in grades suited to food and non-food applications.

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