Wednesday 18 August 2010

Worldwide Dispensers Europe has expanded its range of market leading Aeroflow air returning lever taps

The new ‘din couplings’ taps have been created for four standard openings – 45mm, 50mm, 51mm and 61mm – and offer flexibility for use with a wide variety of container types including plastic, metal and semi-flexible packs such as cubitainers. Typical applications include beverages, water, liquid food, chemicals, detergents and all types of viscous liquids, making the taps ideal for a wide variety of end markets.with the introduction of four new sizes developed specifically to meet market demand.

The Aeroflow tap has been designed for single-opening containers, from 5 up to 200 litres, and provides a safe, effortless and glug free dispense, with no product waste and no requirement for secondary venting. It offers an excellent flow rate of 70ml/sec when fully open, and the dispense can be easily controlled to suit individual products and applications by simply adjusting the lever accordingly.

Olivier Martin, General Sales Manager of WD Europe said, “With our ever expanding range of products, our key objective is to provide innovative dispensing techniques to help our customers meet market demands. The aeroflow tap has been very successful thanks to its flexibility and the new sizes will offer even more options for end user markets.”

“We have plans to expand the range in the future as well as looking as bespoke, custom moulded dispense projects”.

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