Microwave tempering system improves yields, saves space

Monday 14 May 2007

Uniform application of microwaves quickly, accurately and safely tempers frozen foods using the Heat and Control / AMTek microwave tempering system.

Compared to tempering rooms, the microwave system significantly reduces drip loss providing higher product yields. It also saves floor space and eliminates multiple handling operations.

Continuous and batch microwave systems uniformly raise the temperature of frozen foods to a still-frozen level to facilitate safe further processing, such as dicing, slicing, grinding and forming. The system tempers most any product packaged in non-metallic containers up to 12 inches high by 22 inches wide.

Innovative Heat and Control / AMTek technology makes microwave tempering efficient, reliable and safe. Rotating antennas uniformly apply microwave energy for precise tempering control, producing a predictable product end temperature and consistent quality. Up to 75 kW of microwave energy are generated by each “smart” transmitter, which utilizes water-cooled circuitry that can extend magnetron service life up to 14,000 hours. Automatic arc detection and shut down protection are standard. The transmitter also adjusts to changes in product load for up to 85% energy efficiency. Modular, prefabricated aluminum wave guides transfer microwaves from the transmitter to the applicator and can be quickly connected to fit most any layout and save floor space.

Rugged stainless steel construction is built to USDA standards. Plastic supports minimize belt wear. Simple operation is provided with a menu-driven touch screen control, and all transmitter control hardware is easily accessible without opening the main enclosure.

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