Microfluidizer laboratory scale processor to test and formulate products in SME's

Tuesday 11 September 2007

MFIC Corporation Introduces New Product, M-110P Microfluidizer® Processor

M-110P Easily Incorporated into Any Laboratory Setting
MFIC Corporation, an industry-leader in high-shear processing equipment to produce the most uniform and smallest liquid and solid particles available for the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care and food industries announced today the introduction by its operating subsidiary, Microfluidics Corporation, of the M-110P Microfluidizer laboratory scale processor. The M-110P, the Company’s first portable bench top plug and play unit, can easily be incorporated into any laboratory setting because it is powered by only standard 20 amp household electrical current and requires no compressed air or cooling water. These features of the M-110P provide a critical formulation solution to customers who have been unable to test and formulate products in the past because they lacked the onsite systems requirements needed to allow them to operate small air operated laboratory units or the three phase electrical requirements needed to operate larger volume laboratory equipment.

The M-110P was designed to operate reliably, quietly and efficiently through a range of operating pressures from 2,000 psi to 30,000 psi, easily enabling the production of nano-suspensions and nano-emulsions, as well as liposomal encapsulation and cell disruption. Importantly, the M-110P also allows for higher flow ratesbetween 110-155 ml/minute at any process pressurethan any comparable, competitive product, allowing for the production of more sophisticated products including pharmaceutical formulations, fine chemicals, and biological material ranging from simple oil-in-water emulsions to highly immiscible solids-in-liquid suspensions. All results from the M-110P are guaranteed to be scaleable to pilot and/or production volumes, allowing even the smallest customers the ability to fully develop, test, manufacture and produce their products.

“We think the M-110P will play an important role in our long-term growth strategy,” said Robert Bruno, President and Chief Operating Officer of MFIC Corporation. “The introduction of the M-110P continues to position MFIC as the industry leader in providing formulation solutions and allows us to reach out to a larger customer base than we have been able to serve previously.”

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