Metallised biopolymers said to meet barrier needs of snacks

Friday 4 June 2010

New biodegradable metallised and laminated films can provide differentiation at point-of-sale along with high moisture and oxygen barrier properties for dry good products such as nuts and biscuits with a premium positioning, claims Innovia Films.

The manufacturer said that the extension of its cellulose-based packaging range, NatureFlex NK, includes a metallised version, NKM, a coloured film NKC and a solid white film NK White, with inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, high gloss and resistance to grease and oil.

Compostable packaging materials typically have been used with fresh and chilled food products where their permeability proved an advantage but the coating on the NK range allows them to be used to package dried foods, explained Alasdair McEwen, Innovia Films’ market manager - biscuits & bakery.

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