Maximum flexibility in testing the permeability of all kinds of finished packages

Friday 25 May 2007

PermMate is a new Package Permeability Tester, which is able to test the permeability of all types of finished packages and bottles.
PermMate is a tester for sealed packages. PermMate is able to test the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) at different test conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity) and is applicable to all types of packages (e.g. flexible packages, rigid packages and bottles).

The advantages of PermMate
PermMate is based on an innovative concept meaning that it is able to test numerous packages at one time. The normal limitations of comparable products are 1-8 packages.

The PermMate and CheckMate II are controlled via a PC program, which makes it easy to perform various tests. An important feature of PermMate is the ability to determine the volume of the packages to be tested, which is directly determining the OTR of the package. Knowing the volume of the finished packages can be a valuable tool in monitoring the total gas consumption during production and can provide documentation of volume for transportation requirements.

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