Market introduction of mobile SHS frying unit

Wednesday 25 July 2007

About five years ago, TNO has introduced super heated steam technology (SHS) to the food industry. Since then, many new applications have been developed. The most recent success is the market introduction of a stand-alone SHS frying application for restaurants and caterers, offering the first healthy, practical and safe alternative for conventional frying.

It is the result of close cooperation between TNO Quality of Life and Steamfry BV, manufacturer of professional fryers.

The SHS concept is based on superheated steam, circulating within a closed circuit. The steam, with a temperature of 200º Celsius, is brought into direct contact with the product while transferring heat comparable to oil frying. The closed system prevents the release of undesired odours and avoids injuries caused by spattering hot frying oil. In addition, the absence of oxygen reduces the risk of product oxidation. However, the main advantage is that, with SHS, it has become possible to fry without fat.

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