LiquidBox™: an alternative for bottles, cans or buckets

Thursday 15 February 2007

Bouwpaco is well known for it's many innovations. Not only new techniques are being developed, also very special bag shapes and packaging types are part of the innovating spirit of the Bouwpaco people.

Our latest innovation is the LiquidBox™. The LiquidBox™ is developed as an alternative for expensive bottles, (plastic) cans or buckets. The LiquidBox™ exists of two different components. The first component is a foil bag, made on a Bouwpaco BP 320a vertical bagging machine. A very flexible bagger that is capable of making a wide range of bag shapes and sizes. Bag sizes from 0.5 litre up to 5 litre are possible on one single machine.

The second component of the LiquidBox™ is a carton box in which the filled foil bag is placed. This box has several functions.

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