Level transmitter, European type approved on steam drums

Wednesday 7 March 2007

Eclipse® 705 level transmitter, European type approved on steam drums.

The second generation Eclipse 705, 2-wire Guided Wave Radar of Magnetrol is type approved to the newest European norms for steam drums, EN 12952-11 (water tube boilers) and EN 12953-9 (shell type boilers) as “primary safety ” and “secondary safety” device. These norms complete the PED construction guidelines with functional directives, typical for use on steam drums. The Eclipse 705 has been type approved by the Dutch “Stoomwezen”, for use on steam drums as a secondary safety device since 2002. As a secondary safety device, Eclipse fulfills all general control functions on the steam drum; such as the controlling of the hot feed water to the boiler. In its function of ‘primary safety’ device, Eclipse operates as a safety switch and turns off the boiler in a safe way in case an emergency / dangerous situation occurs. The number of primary and secondary safety devices on a steam drum depends on the type of boiler, the manning of the boiler (permanently manned, semi-manned or not manned at all), its process pressure, capacity, etc ….

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