LATI MDT - Magnetically detectable compounds

Thursday 15 July 2010

An injection mouldable compound, detectable by any kind of metal detector, suitable for food contact, not releasing any dust or particle and offering attractive mechanical and aesthetic properties: the brand new LATI MDT compounds meet all these requirements.

Detectability of even tiny parts allows MDT grades to be considered as the most adequate and cost-saving substitute to metals and ceramics in all those industrial fields, food processing and handling above all, where a contaminant-free environment is mandatory.

Unlike traditional compounds featuring traditional ferromagnetic fillers, MDT compounds can be detected by any kind of metal detector available on the market today, the ones based on permanent magnets as well as these engineered around the induction balance coils system.

Very small chunks and bits can be easily tracked and traced thanks to the homogeneous dispersion of active fillers achieved during the extrusion process.

MDT compounds include neither carbon nor steel fibres, no graphite, no carbon black and for this reason particulate can not be produced during working time, reducing the chances to pollute both the process and the finished goods with contaminants whose location and detection can be extremely difficult.

MDT compounds have been developed in order to comply with food contact regulations, being this a fundamental condition for the material to be approved in the food processing chain.

LATI engineers took care not only of magnetical detectability, but even of aesthetic and mechanical properties, processing ease and, last but not least, the cost of the compound to increase the realiablity of MDT compounds as an actual solution to market problems.

LATI technicians and engineers are available to create new MDT grades fulfilling project requirements, choosing the most suitable base resin, adequate fillers and correct colours.

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