Ishida Top in Independent X-Ray Evaluation

Tuesday 6 February 2007

Ishida’s recently launched X-Ray system has been confirmed as the best product in an independent evaluation by a major European meat institute.

This research facility for meat handling and slaughtering has recently undertaken an examination of X-ray inspection systems to get an update on the latest technology’s capabilities in detecting contaminants in meat products.

Six major X-ray suppliers participated in the test with their equipment and were compared in terms of both detection sensitivity and consistency. Two different meat products were used - 3.5kg pieces of chilled (4°C) unpacked pork belly and 3kg pieces of chilled (4°C) unpacked pork loin

The contaminants tested comprised two types of hard bone, six sizes of stainless steel wire, five diameters of stainless steel ball, four sizes of plastic pieces and six sizes of glass pieces

Each loin type was inserted with a random selection of the contaminants. In order to get a reliable and valid sample size, the test meat was run a number of times through each competitor X-ray model.

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