Iodine warning on soya drink update

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Food safety authorities in Australia and New Zealand have informed the Food Standards Agency about high levels of iodine in a soya drink called 'Bonsoy', which some people use as an alternative to milk.

We are investigating the UK distribution of this product and, following discussions today with the drink's importer, they have taken action to quarantine all existing stocks of the product in the UK and notify all their customers to withdraw the product from sale.

The Bonsoy packs affected by this problem have best before dates up to and including 3 November 2011 and are distributed in 1 litre Tetra Pack containers.

Nine adults and a child in New South Wales, Australia, have been diagnosed with thyroid problems and also reported drinking Bonsoy. This soya drink is enriched with a seaweed product that naturally contains iodine. Iodine is an essential element required to make thyroid hormones, but higher levels than normal may affect the way the thyroid works. However, most healthy people will not be affected by any slight excess of iodine.

People who drink a lot of this product, including toddlers fed soya drinks as an alternative to milk, could be at risk. If you are at all concerned about drinking this brand of soya drink as your main alternative to milk, then you may wish to consider an alternative brand.

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