Intralox Partners with Mol Belting Systems to Become the Exclusive Provider of ThermoDriveŽ Conveyor Belting

Friday 10 April 2009

Intralox, L.L.C., of Harahan, Louisiana, has recently partnered with Mol Belting Systems of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to become the exclusive provider of ThermoDrive® conveyor belting. ThermoDrive belting is a patented, positive-drive, low-tension belting with a continuous, easy-to-clean surface. Like Intralox modular plastic belting, Intralox ThermoDrive belts are especially suited for hygienic applications in food processing. With a 100% closed surface, these homogenous, thermoplastic belts can dramatically improve food safety, quality assurance, and operational efficiency. By offering this new, breakthrough conveyance technology, Intralox is further enhancing its comprehensive line of hygienic conveyance solutions.

The patented technology behind the ThermoDrive belting concept was first developed by Mol Belting Systems. Through partnership, Intralox now offers its world-class service, support, and guarantees, along with decades of conveyance expertise, to this revolutionary product. ThermoDrive, L.L.C. (a Mol Belting Systems subsidiary) will continue to manufacture ThermoDrive belting, while Intralox will provide belt fabrication, sales, and support.

“With ThermoDrive, we invented a technology that changed the norm in conveying for food processors. We believe that Intralox is the company to introduce this innovation to the world of food processing. Intralox can provide the expert sales and service to customers globally as they learn to apply it in their operations,” said Barry Whitman, president of ThermoDrive, L.L.C.

“Both Intralox and Mol Belting Systems share a corporate culture that embodies integrity, customer focus, and market-driven innovation. As a result of this partnership, Intralox is presenting customers with the most complete and comprehensive solutions in food processing conveyance,” said Jim Honeycutt, Intralox ThermoDrive product manager (former Mol Belting Systems sales and engineering manager).

Intralox ThermoDrive belting offers a viable solution for corporate sustainability initiatives as water, chemicals, and cleaning labor and time are substantially reduced by using this belting. Other results processors have experienced include reduced swab counts, increased product yield, and reduced maintenance.

Intralox ThermoDrive products are currently available in the U.S. and Canada, and Europe. Service will soon be extended to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Latin America. To learn more about accessing Intralox ThermoDrive technology in a specific region, visit

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