Innovative Imaging-Based Data Capture technology and turnkey solution launched for the food industry

Friday 29 June 2007

An exciting new imaging-based solution that captures 100's of labels in a single scan is now available for the UK food industry, along with a turnkey solution, with the advent of a new partnership between three major players in the modern Supply Chain Traceability marketplace.

The Visidot Reader will revolutionise image-capturing in the sector. 100’s of tags, whether they are 1D barcodes, 2D labels, can be captured with a single-shot from the Reader. The Reader is part of a complete traceability system called Visidot which incorporates standard 1D or 2D Data Matrix barcode labelling of crates and pallets.

Labelled crates and pallets are then transported past Visidot Readers, which simultaneously capture hundreds of labels in single reads, then transmit information to image processing systems capable of rapidly decoding captured data. The decoded data can then easily be exported to data management systems in either XML or any other standard format.

Mark Haworth of the Bizerba Niche Systems Partnership said, "The Visidot Reader offers significant efficiencies over existing systems within the food processing and manufacturing industry. The Reader captures a pallet full of labels or barcodes in one scan with almost 100% accuracy. It is even able to read labels which have been previously too damaged to capture.”

Dror Irani, ImageID CEO said. “It will provide even better asset verification and tracking, while enabling error-free logistics, reduced labour costs and processing time, greater compliance with traceability regulations and increased customer satisfaction.”

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