How to know that your MA package has the correct gas content

Friday 25 May 2007

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) extends the shelf life of your food products. It is very important to ensure that the correct gas content is used so that the forecast shelf life is achieved. PBI-Dansensor is proud to present CheckMate II, which represents a breakthrough for headspace gas analysers for analysing O2, CO and O2/CO2 in your MA packages.

A new sensor concept, utilising the latest PBI-Dansensor technology, allows for an extremely short measuring time - even shorter than before. The sample volume is very small and less dependent on headspace volume, reducing sampling faults. When operating the CheckMate II the complete self-diagnostics function monitors that the analyser is working correctly and detects the most common user errors. System alarms are memorised and printed out together with the test result.

Advantages of the CheckMate II
The sturdy design and user-friendly operation interface also make the analyser suitable for the production area and hardly any operator training is needed. The CheckMate II is suitable for the laboratory as well as end machine line tests. The new true colour touch screen display makes the analyser very user-friendly. It naturally guides the operator through the menus and also shows alarm settings and product names, etc. A new feature is easy and flexible firmware foreign language/symbols converting.

The analyser has a built-in pump with automatic gas sampling start-up (now with reduced gas sample volume) when the syringe is introduced into the package. This ensures an easy and faultless operation. An efficient water trap ensures that the sensor system will not be damaged by liquids sucked in via the syringe. With the CheckMate II you also have the possibility of choosing a SmartPen, a protected syringe.

Another great advantage is the remote access and firmware upgrade possibility via LAN and the internet. This makes it possible to provide quick remote service, saving a lot of time for the user.

The new CheckMate II is a state-of-the-art gas analyser that ensures your quality control - a highly user-friendly and reliable piece of equipment for measuring the correct level of O2, CO or CO2 gases.

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