High capacity moulding machine for automatic, continuous production of ice cream

Friday 6 July 2007

Tetra Pak has launched the Hoyer Rollo IM, a high capacity moulding machine for automatic, continuous production of ice cream, sherbet, or fruit-juice stick novelties with up to 20 lanes of 56 mm wide stick products.

Now the huge potential for multi-flavour, multilayer ice cream products has been released and only imagination limits the possibilities to create consumer interest through innovative stick novelties.

The Hoyer Rollo IM has been developed specifically to meet the growing market for flexible and reliable equipment that can handle a wide range of new, commercially attractive product ideas.

Efficient layout and high capacity production
The easy to set-up, slim in-line design of the Hoyer Rollo IM allows for a production room layout with additional equipment such as filling and back suction stations, and multiple lines with easy access for manual add-ins.

The compact equipment is ideal for high capacity production of multi-layer products made from water ice and /or ice cream mix combinations. Between extraction and lay-off, the stick novelties also may be coated with chocolate, and chocolate-dipped products may be coated with dry ingredients.

The Hoyer Rollo IM provides steady performance at high capacity and guaranteed high total-line yield of more than 97.5%. Tetra Pak offers two models: up to 15,000 sticks/hour or 30,000 sticks/hour. Actual capacity will depend on factors such as the number of lanes, product volume and recipe, as well as the capacity of the wrapping and packing line. Together with the Hoyer Flowrap MW F2 wrapping machine, the Hoyer Rollo IM can achieve very high efficiency.

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