Grocer Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology to Ensure Food Quality & Safety

Tuesday 29 May 2007

Albertson’s LLC Introduces PakSense Temperature Monitoring Labels on Produce, Fresh Meat and Seafood Shipments

Albertson’s LLC announced today that it will require temperature monitoring devices on all inbound produce, fresh meat and seafood shipments to its distribution centers. The preferred monitor is the PakSense TXi™ Smart Label provided by PakSense, Inc.—an innovator in sensory solutions for packaging. PakSense Labels track the temperature of a perishable product’s environment during distribution and enable quality assurance personnel to make better quality and safety decisions.

“Providing our customers safe, high quality products is our highest priority at Albertsons. We have always monitored the temperatures of our perishable products during shipping,” explains Dave Dean, Group Vice President of Procurement for Albertson’s LLC. “But we found that traditional temperature monitoring devices were bulky and expensive. A quick return-on-investment analysis on the PakSense Label convinced me that making the switch would save us a substantial amount of money—and provide better quality assurance for our customers.”

A flat, 2” x 2” disk, PakSense labels are sealed in food-grade packaging and are easy to use. They also cost a fraction of current monitoring systems, which promotes their use in more product shipments. Lights on the sensor alert quality assurance personal if temperature specifications have been breached and all data collected by the label can be downloaded and graphed, enabling Albertsons LLC to pinpoint if, when and for how long, temperature excursions occurred. PakSense Labels are intended for one time use and are priced accordingly. There are no laborious rebate programs to adhere to in order to recoup money invested in temperature monitoring devices.

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