Gellan gum films as carriers of ascorbic acid for antioxidant effect on foods

Thursday 21 June 2007

Edible gellan films were evaluated as carriers for stabilizing l-(+)-ascorbic acid (AA) for nutritional purposes and antioxidant effect on foods. AA retention during film casting (initial value), as well as stability and non-enzymic browning (NEB) development along film storage (25 °C) at 33.3%, 54.7% or 75.2%-relative humidity (RH) were assessed. Initial AA retention was around 100%, and half-lives were 36, 26 and 11 days, respectively. AA destruction followed a pseudo-first order kinetics in gellan matrices. A water activity map was built for AA losses and NEB. AA and NEB kinetics were attributed to the restricted mobility of water molecules.

Paula G. León and Ana M. Rojas
Food Research International
Volume 40, Issue 5, June 2007, Pages 565-575

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