Future trends for active and intelligent packaging

Tuesday 22 June 2010

The focus of active and intelligent (A&I) packaging has shifted from manufacturer concerns such as shelf-life and spoilage to consumer concerns such as freshness, quality and information, according to recently published research.

The report - The Future of Active and Intelligent Packaging in Food and Drinks – said that industry leaders had identified freshness indicators as the most important innovations in the field over the next five years. A development on quality was listed as the next most important field followed by temperature and time indicators.

However, consumers ranked health, convenience, safety and enhancing product attributes as the most important attributes that would make them willing to pay more for A&I-packaged products. Longer shelf-life and packaging that communicates product information were also seen as important. The report found that although there was limited awareness over A&I packaging - with almost 60 per cent of consumers unaware or slightly aware of the technology – the industry remained convinced it would be play an important role in future.

The industry survey said giants such as Coca-Cola and Unilever were driving innovation in the A&I field.

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