FSA publishes self-reporting framework for salt

Monday 3 September 2007

The FSA has published a self-reporting framework to collect current data on salt levels in food. This will enable the Agency to track the food industry's progress towards achieving voluntary salt reduction targets.

The framework includes data collection spreadsheets and instructions on how to use them.

The Agency has worked with stakeholders to develop the framework and establish the type of data that the food industry is able to provide on salt levels in their products. We would like companies to submit data for the framework by 10 October 2007. Data that is submitted will be collated and published on the Agency's website.

The FSA's voluntary salt reduction targets for industry were published in March 2006. The aim of the targets is to help reduce average salt intakes for adults to no more than 6g a day for adults and to help guide the food industry as to the levels of reduction that the Agency considers achievable. The FSA plans to review the salt reduction targets in 2008 and this process will be informed by the information provided through the self-reporting framework.

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