Fresh Defrost™ a breakthrough technology allowing freezing of sensitive fruit

Monday 12 February 2007

Fresh Defrost™, soon to be revealed for the first time at the coming Fruit Logistica Exhibition in Berlin, is a breakthrough technology allowing freezing of sensitive fruit while keeping their freshness after defrosting. Fruit that undergoes the Fresh Defrost™ process maintains its structural integrity, moisture, original texture and nutritional value for up to 5 hours after defrosting. Designed as an add-on to existing IQF facilities, Fresh Defrost™ allows for the first time the freezing of berries, cherries, pomegranate arils, figs, apricot, mango and many more, without losing their taste and becoming mushy as they do with current freezing processes. “During the Fruit Logistica Exhibition, we will look for potential partners to launch this exciting new technology”, says Ofer Juran, CEO of Juran Technologies. “Fresh Defrost™ will allow home consumers, restaurants and hotels to enjoy for the first time seasonal fruits with full freshness, all year round", adds Hod.

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